A Few Simple Tricks to Maximize Your SEO Success

Local SEO is how business owners can get more search engine traffic from people searching in their area. This article will be focusing on some effective ways to use local SEO to get your website a higher search engine ranking.

One of the simplest methods you can use for local SEO is writing optimized classified ads. This is a very easy way to leverage the local searches in your area because the major search engines really like those kinds of sites and using them a lot is a great way to send local traffic to the website of your business. Starting off, you should aim at Craigslist, which happens to be the most popular classified site out there. As a business, you should make sure that you�re posting an optimized Craigslist ad on a regular basis. This ad needs to be targeted directly towards your market. Make sure that the ad is not loud and that it is as simple as possible. When you write your ads you should focus on your title because this is what will get people to read it. Your title needs to have your city, state and keyword phrase in it. It could be helpful to write your ad for Craigslist the same way that you would write a landing page for your business because, often, the ads for websites will outrank the sites themselves in search engine results. A good strategy for Craigslist is to use it as a channel for funneling traffic to your website, which is your main goal. You can also use USFreeAds; it doesn't have the same rate of success as Craigslist but it can still garner you a good response because it is a highly ranked classified ads site. What you need to do is send traffic specifically to your best offer through these classifieds sites (though piggy backing off of those sites traffic is also an option).

You need to have multiple landing pages for different locations. For local listings, don't try to create more than one targeted listing for a single business, though if there are several locations there's nothing wrong with targeting each separate location. What you have to do, though, is make sure that you create a different landing page for every location, and each one should clearly refer to that one in particular. Just don't have multiple local listings connected to one landing or home page, as this would dilute the effectiveness of each listing. Dedicated landing pages work in your favor because they ensure that people searching for you will know exactly who and where you are. When it comes to SEO, little details like this can mean a lot.

Another tip is to ensure that your address is typed on every page on your website. If you can do this, the search engines will favor you and you�ll rise within the ranks. What sorts of things should you put on there? Every page your site has should include your business�s address, phone number as well as zip code. This tells the search engines that you�re focused on local searches.

In conclusion, by keeping these local SEO strategies in mind, you can get more traffic and better ranking for your local business.
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